‘Excited Train Guy’ puts ‘Double Rainbow’ dude to shame (VIDEO)

A man who apparently really, really likes trains shot a video of a vintage locomotive pulling out of a roadside station in North Creek, N.Y., an Adirondack town north of Saratoga Springs. The man, a self-described "foamer," provided the kind of wide-eyed commentary that only the "Double Rainbow Guy" could love.

"Oh my god! Listen to that horn!" Excited Train Guy screams, seemingly unable to contain himself at the sight of the Heritage 1953 EA train. "That horn gives me the chills!"

Commenters, as you might imagine, are having a field day.

"It's a double trainbow!" one wrote.

"This guy sounds like Dave Coulier," wrote another.

It would appear that Excited Train Guy has filmed vintage trains before. A different video uploaded to YouTube in February (above) features what sounds like the same man screaming in delight after spotting another vintage train.

"This video is dedicated to all the foamers around here who weren't so lucky," he wrote on YouTube.

The latest video, uploaded to YouTube in June, has generated just 100,000 views. But if the success of Double Rainbow Guy is any indication, that will soon change.

The 2010 video of the double rainbow shot by Paul "Bear" Vasquez near Yosemite National Park (below) has been viewed more than 34 million times.