Fake dinosaur unleashed in ‘Jurassic Prank’ on unsuspecting passerby (VIDEO)

The Sideshow

How do you think you would react if a T. rex suddenly appeared, jumping out of hiding in your own neighborhood?

That's a question most of us will thankfully never know the answer to. But a few dozen people in Columbus, Ohio, got close to the real thing, being surprised by an animatronic dinosaur set loose by local comedians Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady.

The Sketch Empire duo donned a realistic-looking T. Rex costume, which was loaned to them from New York-based KHA Entertainment, who also came up with the idea for the stunt.

Atwood and Roady then set up a series of "Jurassic Pranks" to surprise and scare random strangers.

In one setup, people are asked to help open the back of a trailer truck, only to be surprised when the roaring T. rex pops its head out from inside.

In another scenario, the T. rex hides behind some bushes and races out to surprise people passing by on the sidewalk.

Atwood and Roady even unleash the dinosaur upon someone's pet dog, who does not appear to see the humor in the prank.

You can watch the full video of their Jurassic Prank below: