Fake news reporter pranks gullible New Yorkers (VIDEO)

The Sideshow

More than 10 years after "The Daily Show" debuted, you'd think New Yorkers would be less prone to the antics of a comedic fake news reporter. But making that assumption, you'd be almost as ill-informed as the people being pranked in the video below.

Comedian Dan Hodapp puts on his best news anchor outfit and becomes "Mike Holland, Fake News Reporter," in a video produced by the comedy video website Jest.com. Hitting the streets of New York City, "Holland" asks random pedestrians some outlandish questions, like, "Earlier this week, President Obama fired the entire U.S. Senate. What do you think about that?"

The respondent, who appears genuinely shocked by the news and maybe a little embarrassed, says, "Actually, I hadn't even heard about that."

Hodapp then asks another passerby, "Germany invaded Poland earlier today. Do you think America should get involved?"

"Actually, I almost want to say no," the woman responds. "It's too early and those are two very powerful countries."