Fight over an orange leads to family murder-suicide


A man in Ohio went on a murderous rampage, killing two sisters-in-law, his son and then finally himself. And it all was over a fight over whether to feed his wife toast or an orange.

When police arrived on the scene after reports of a shooting, Paul David Gilkey, his two sisters-in-law and son were all already dead.

"They had given Darlene a meal, toast and I believe a banana, toast and tea prior and when [Paul] already had an orange peeled for her and that seemed to be the issue that spurred [Paul] to his rampage," Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North told local affiliate NBC4.

Gilkey did not murder his wife, who is bedridden. He also let his stepson Ralph Sowers III, 36, leave the scene unharmed. Police say they believe the family had been caring for Gilkey's wife, who had been ill for some time.

Gilkey's cousin Matthew Henderson said his own wife called the Gilkey home immediately after the shooting and spoke with Paul's wife, who said that her husband "shot everybody" and then went outside. "I said, 'What's he doing?' (She said) 'I think he's waiting on more people to come so he could kill them,'" Henderson said.

Henderson said Gilkey had been showing signs of instability but that he thought any violent behavior on Gilkey's part would be self-inflicted and only after his wife had passed away from her terminal cancer. Gilkey had already served 10 years in prison for beating a man to death with a fence post in 1974 and in 1986 allegedly stabbed his own father.

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