Florida man selling ‘extra terrestrial vehicle’ on eBay

Eric Pfeiffer

It’s not quite an unidentified flying object, but one car for sale on eBay this week could easily be mistaken as something from another world.

Owner Mike Vetter describes the vehicle as a combination of parts including fold up doors reminiscent of a DeLorean, completely hidden wheel rims, a color-changing LED lighting system, “which create a nice light show in the evenings,” underneath the car. It’s even fuel efficient, getting about 26mpg.

“You are looking at a vehicle which receives more pictures taken of it on a daily basis then any Lamborghini or Ferrari,” Vetter writes in the car’s description. ‘The ride is smooth, solid and reliable. Due to the shape of the car the faster you go it seems to get more quiet inside.”

It’s just one of 60 custom cars Vetter says he’s built over the past 20 years but it may be his most unique creation. The car’s unusual casing almost makes it appear to be gliding on air but it actually runs on a fairly standard Chevy engine.

Vetter says he “built this car from scratch,” using fiberglass and carbon. However, the custom creation isn’t cheap. Vetter is asking for a minimum bid of $100,00 for the vehicle.