Florida teen graduates from high school and college in same week

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Florida teen graduates from high school and college in same week

Graduating from high school at 16 is impressive enough. But managing to get your college degree before you even graduate high school? Astounding.

Grace Bush is clearly a rare talent, both intelligent and incredibly hard working. The Florida teen recently earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic University. Later this week, she'll get her high school diploma from Florida Atlantic University High School.

So how does somebody graduate from college before high school?

Grace participated in Florida Atlantic University's dual enrollment program, which allows gifted high school students to earn college credit for the same courses. Students (and parents, who may foot the bill) save both time and money.

Grace admits that the order in which she is getting her diplomas is a little wacky. "It's kind of weird that I graduated college before high school," she told CBS Miami.

Grace, who is one of nine children, began her college career at 13 and studied through the summers in order to graduate early. She also participates in two orchestras, where she plays the flute.

Now that you feel like a total slacker, more about Grace.

Her mother, Gisla Bush, told CBS Miami that she home-schooled all of her kids (somebody buy this woman something nice for Mother's Day). Grace showed her talents for picking things up quickly from an early age, according to her mom.

"At 2 years old, she was already reading, and I was totally shocked," she said.

Up next for Grace: a master's degree followed by law school. She said she'd eventually like to be chief justice of the United States.

Watch your back, John Roberts.

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