The Friskies: ‘The Oscars of the cat-video world’ (VIDEO)

Cat lovers across the Internet are getting a chance to vote for their favorite feline videos of the year.

The Pet Collective has put together "The Friskies," narrowing down literally thousands of cat videos to 12 finalists spread out over four categories:

"Catness" (the essence of cat behavior), "Catcom" (funny felines), "Catventure" (an indoor cat on the kind of adventure only cats can have) and "Catchall" (a miscellaneous category for cool cat videos that don't fit into the other categories).

All of the videos are worth checking out, including this nominee in the "Catcom" category, in whicy Lulu the cat attacks a singing birthday card:

Voting is open now and will continue through Nov. 9.

Along with viewer feedback, the videos will be rated by a team of judges, including comedian Michael Showalter.

The winner in each of the four categories will take home $2,500, and a grand-prize winner will receive $15,000 for best video of the year.

Along with the prize money for the people involved in shooting the videos, the Friskies cat food company is donating five cans of cat food for every vote in the online contest to 25 different animal shelters and organizations around the U.S.

You can watch a preview video of the finalists below: