Gay man comes out on Facebook; friends supportive but offended by his lack of tech savvy


Even with support for gay rights steadily on the rise, it undoubtedly still takes a lot of courage to come out of the closet. But what do you when your friends and family are more concerned with your level of technical sophistication employed across social media, rather than the message itself?

Via Happy Place, that seems to be the issue for one Facebook user who used his account to open up about his previously undisclosed sexuality. Sure, his friends and family are supportive and proud of his decision. But they appear a little offended by the seemingly bland manner in which he displayed the announcement.

In his announcement, the Facebook user (whose name has been redacted) writes, "I've been in the closet for far too long, so here goes: I'm gay. I've known, in retrospect, for about eight years. This is the easiest way for me to deal with it; I apologize if anyone feels affronted that I didn't tell them in person. As proof that this is not an account hack, I have posted a somewhat longer post on my blog."

The initial responses are entirely positive, with comments including, "Good on you man :)" and "takes guts to broadcast this."

But then, a small wave of criticism begins. One friend writes, "I like the proof of no hack … Could you possibly link a style sheet to that html? I hate bland markup."

And another person jokes, "could you please make your blog post that says you're gay look prettier?"

The first commenter responds, "I swear I wasn't mocking. I just work on stuff all day and I've grown sick of ugly sites."

And then, the stylistic critiques continue, "Good advice, especially if [he] decides to come out of the closet again, he can do so in style and elegance."

"So we can call this attempt the prototype shall we?"

"We have to assign a metric to this scoring system, I'd say a 2.6."

Finally, the Facebook user who made the announcement jumps into the fray to let his tech-savvy friends know that enough is enough.

"No, I'm an advocate of plain HTML, so I'm not going to gay up my coming out post."

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