Golf course uses 9/11 anniversary to promote discount

The Sideshow

Some ideas are so unquestionably bad it's hard to believe there were people clueless enough to let them see the light of day.

Case in point: A Wisconsin golf course's decision to use the anniversary of 9/11 as a sales opportunity.

A newspaper advertisement featuring the ill-advised promo appeared on Twitter then on Reddit under the category "toosoon." 

Golfers are promised nine holes of golfing (with cart) for $9.11. Want to go 18 holes? That'll run you $19.11. 

Reaction to the tone-deaf coupon was swift and merciless. The golf course issued a quick apology on its Facebook page, pledging to honor the advertised rates as well as donate a portion of its sales to the 9/11 Memorial.

Then, it issued another apology:

We are a family owned business & proudly support all local charities and have always gave 20% off everyday to all Police, Fire, Emergency, Military, etc. Please accept our apology.

Finally, as the backlash and negative comments continued to pour in, the course owners told followers (and critics) that the course might not even be open on Wednesday over a concern of safety for employees.

One commenter on Deadspin pointed out that the promo is similar to a recent satirical article in "The Onion," in which Subway promotes two foot-long sandwiches for $9.11.