Guy’s pullups freak us out

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

Sure, getting fit is important. But most of us don't bother with pullups on the ground, much less willingly pull off a pullup hundreds of feet above the earth.

The 25-year-old from Kiev, Ukraine, who goes by the handle Mustang, puts our workout to shame with his extreme workout plan. Watch the video from the safety of your chair, but please don't try this incredible -- and incredibly dangerous stunt.

The short is said to have been shot atop a water tower at 110 meters (360 feet), where the fearless fitness buff hangs from a bar, and then, yes, performs pullups, even letting go of the bar in-between and catching some air.

The 45-second clip has gotten plenty of play on the Web, with more than 79,000 views so far. Some comments on YouTube express astonishment about the stunt.
As Tganubis puts it:"Climbing the tower? Not really a big deal. Doing pull-ups on the tower? Somewhat impressive. Letting go of the tower between pull-ups? Clinically insane." Above17years adds, "Is anyone else's hands sweaty as hell?"

But others can't believe their eyes -- or their ears.

RazokevX states, "This is photoshop, after-effects, green screen, period." PlayaSx1 tries to debunk the video with this note, "That dog's barking is too loud and distinct to be coming from 110m below... The dog gives you away!"
But Spinoaze is a believer, chiming in, "Hmm I don' t think this is fake."

We're pretty sure it's that high, as you can see in this other insane video of the daredevil. Mustang himself responded to Yahoo! in an email, "I guess it was calm enough outside because there are no people around so you could hear the dog running around."

Decide for yourself. Just try not to get vertigo while you watch.