Hilarious ad features dog getting hit by car. Wait, what?

Mike Krumboltz

Seeing a dog get hit by a car is awful — there's no two ways about it. So what would possess an autombile company to air a commercial featuring a car accidentally running into man's best friend?

It turns out the dog is a regular Meryl Streep.

In what appears to be an ad for the Russian division of Subaru, a driver is heading down a dark and wooded road. Suddenly a dog darts from the trees. The car hits it. The woman backs up, turns on the hazard lights and gets out to see if she can help.

It doesn't look good for the pooch, but just as the woman turns away from the dog, presumably overcome with emotion, the dog gets up, sprints for the open car door, hops in and takes off — he really just wanted to take the woman's Subaru for a joy ride. They don't say "lie like a dog" for nothing.

The spot, which Fast Company reports as being a real ad, is a lot edgier than Subaru's American ad, also featuring dogs behind the wheel. Whereas the Russian spot is mischievous, the American version plays it safe with a joke about poodles. 

Commenters seem to dig the Russian version. "Best dash cam video I have seen so far," one person wrote on YouTube. Another echoed that sentiment, writing, "I think I've met that dog, it's a Golden Deceiver."

Since being posted on Wednesday, the Russian version has drawn over 2 million views. We were unable to confirm if it will reach U.S. airwaves.  Here it is in its entirety.

Attention all canines: Don't try this at home.

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