Iowa State Fair vendor offering double bacon corn dogs

The Sideshow

When this year's Iowa State Fair rolls around on August 9, there will be a new headline-grabbing snack on the menu: double bacon corn dogs.

As the Des Moines Register notes, "that deep-fried butter thing is sooo last year." But a vendor named Campbell's Concessions has stepped in to fill the void.

"We've been at the fair about 100 years and we try to keep it pretty basic. But I thought, 'We need to do something fun with these corn dogs,'" Eric Campbell told the paper.

But this ticket to pork paradise didn't come without a little effort. "Keeping (the bacon) on the hot dog took a lot of experimenting," he notes.

The process goes like this: Wrap a hot dog in bacon and deep-fry it. Then dip the corn dog in bacon-bit batter and send it back for another deep fry.

However, this food fairytale does have a bit of a let down for anyone convinced of its all-American values. It turns out that the double bacon corn dog has already made its debutin Canada. Yes, it turns out our neighbors to the north were not content to simply outpace the average wealth of U.S. citizens. Now they're getting the first crack at our culinary inventions.

Campbell says he is currently in Canada, selling the bacon dogs at Alberta's Capital EX fair.

"They've been selling very well," he said. "We've sold 500 to 600 a day just at one stand."

Still, we can't hold it against Campbell. He was nice enough to supply Yahoo! with some exclusive photos of his double bacon corn dogs, and they're enough to make us want to book our flight to Iowa right now.