John Goodman weighs in on Chick-fil-A controversy—as Colonel Sanders (VIDEO)

KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman from John Goodman

Today is Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, which some customers have organized to support the fast-food chain, whose chief executive publicly stated opposition to same-sex marriage.

In this new video from Funny Or Die, actor John Goodman portrays KFC founder Colonel Sanders as he weighs in on the controversy. Warning: the video does contain some mildly not-safe-for-work language.

"When it comes to the subjugation of marriage rights, I reckon I'm a bit more progressive than my pals down at Chick-fil-A," Goodman says, wearing a wig and white suit. "Yup, let it be known that Colonel Sanders loves the gays. Hell, I might even be gay."

The video is shot in a grainy contrast, mirroring some of KFC's famous commercials from several decades ago, featuring the company's founder.

"I know what you're thinking as you're snuggling up there with your bear, 'How do I know you're not just gibberin' this jab to win more of my gay business? Well, you don't," Goodman says.

"But if you have to pick one chicken chain, why not pick us? I know their service is better, but we got those bowls."