Justin Bieber retiring? Maybe yes, maybe no

Jay Busbee

The tweet arrived like a Christmas present, tucked neatly away for anyone who happened to be on Twitter on Christmas Eve:

Justin Bieber retiring! Is that a reason for weeping, or a gift? Depends on whether you're a Belieber or not, most likely. Bieber followed up that provocative little gift a few minutes later with some good old-fashioned persecution-complex night-tweeting:

Nothin' but love for ya, Biebs. Anyway, he followed that with one more:

THAT SOUNDS LIKE A THREAT, BIEBER. Anyway, you've got to believe this is more of Bieber's way of yanking some Ghost-of-Jacob-Marley chains around Christmastime. He said something similar on Los Angeles radio last week, even though his own camp denied any retirement plans. It's all about staying in the public eye, whatever it takes. 

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