Kid treats warehouse-store audience to incredible piano recital

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What, no tip jar?

A young boy entertained shoppers at what looks like a Costco store by showing off his incredible skills at the piano, playing a Hungarian folk song titled "Csardas" (here's another version).

The boy, decked out in a varsity jacket and fedora, plays while standing and doesn't appear to break a sweat, tickling the ivories like a natural.

At one point in the clip, another kid wanders into the camera's frame. This one seems less than impressed, preferring the siren call of soft-serve ice cream to a musical masterpiece. To each their own.

One YouTube description identifies him as "Felipe." The video was first uploaded in 2011. It's just now starting to hit high notes on the Web.

The kid's a little like Batman. We don't know who he is. We don't know where he came from or where he lives. We just know he's good at what he does and that he has excellent taste in hats. That's enough for us.

Here's the full version:

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