Kitten trapped inside Lincoln statue for three days rescued

In a story so heartwarming it was practically made for Thanksgiving week, a stray kitten that became stuck inside a statue of Abraham Lincoln for three days has been rescued.

Authorities in Clermont, Fla., say they aren't sure how the 3-week-old kitten, whose muffled meows could be heard by staffers at the Presidents Hall of Fame, managed to get into the replica Lincoln Memorial.

"I don't see how a little kitten could have gotten up there," Humane Society spokesman Daniel Davis told WKMG-TV in Orlando. "It can't crawl up there."

Local fire officials were forced to drill a hole at the top of the statue, and a firefighter was lowered inside to retrieve the tiny feline.

The kitten—fittingly named Abe—was treated for dehydration but is expected to make a full recovery, according to WKMG. And when he does, John Zweifel, the museum's curator, is hoping to adopt him.