Kittens transfixed watching tennis (VIDEO)

In what is an important addition to the Cute Animals Watching Television canon, a video of a pair of kittens transfixed by a women's tennis match has made its way to YouTube.

The kittens, hanging out on a scratching post, appear to be hanging on every stroke in the match, punctuated by what sounds like No. 1-ranked Victoria Azarenka's signature shrieks.

Unlike some of her opponents, the kittens seem to be unfazed by the noise.

Because the camera is fixed on the felines, it's unclear which match they are watching—setting the video apart from other pet-channel-surfing clips. In the video below, for example, a 3-month-old golden retriever is videotaped while watching "Air Buddies," a 2006 film about five golden retriever pups that set out to rescue their kidnapped parents.

That video has been viewed more than 4.5 million times on YouTube:

[Cat, err, hat tip: Laughing Squid]