KTLA news anchors dive under desk during earthquake

A pair of news anchors at KTLA in Los Angeles did the old "duck and cover" routine when their studio started shaking on the air on Monday morning.

The earthquake, reportedly a 4.4 and centered six miles north of Beverly Hills, didn't cause any immediate damage or injuries. Still, as the video shows, it was clearly felt in KTLA's Hollywood studios.

Early morning TV viewers saw anchors Megan Henderson and Chris Schauble sense something is amiss. Schauble interrupts Henderson, points up and says, "Earthquake! We're having an earthquake!"

They then hide under the news desk like two students during a Cold War nuclear missile drill while the shaky camera focuses on a suddenly abandoned studio.

The scene was reminiscent of Kent Shocknek's on-air freakout during a 1987 quake in southern California. Then at KNBC in Los Angeles, Shocknek dove under his desk and in doing so earned himself the nickname "Kent Shockwave."

Looking cool is overrated. Safety first, kids.

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