Lady looks like a dude: Female model goes male to get more jobs

If you're looking for a career that can take you into retirement, don't be a female model. But if you already are one and find yourself approaching the (gasp!) big three-oh, consider doing what Elliott Sailors, 31, did and switch on-the-job genders.

The New York Post reports that Sailors, a stunning blonde who for years worked steadily as a Ford Agency model, decided to switch things up once she found the offers were drying up. She cut off her hair, ditched the makeup and made use of her strong jawline to become a "male" model.

And guess what. It's worked.

Sailors told the Post that in the modeling world "men don’t need to look as young as possible, so I have a lot of time."

When she goes to casting calls for male models, she shows up in flannel, jeans, boots and a biker jacket.

Sailors told the Post that she often walks around town dressed like a man because it's easier (no heels, no makeup). On the negative side, she has noticed that nobody holds the door for her anymore.

"When I’m in an elevator," she told The Post, "I notice that they let all of the girls go first — like the real girls."

According to Model Mayhem, Sailors has appeared in Cosmopolitan, American Harper's Bazaar, Fitness, and Shape. She also recently modeled for Contributor magazine.

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