Little girl: ‘This is how you poop’

Most dogs have no trouble taking care of business. But sometimes a pooch needs a little pep talk. Gabriela, a toddler from New Jersey, was captured on video giving her new pet bulldog, Matilda, a lesson on the art of pooping.

"So this is how you poop," Gabriela says to Matilda, who looks as though she might be listening. "You sit down and you push hard," Gabriela continues, "and then you come up, and then your mommy picks up the poop."

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We spoke with Jay Franschman, Gabriela's father. He revealed that his daughter isn't exactly telling the truth about mommy picking up the poop. Bringing Matilda into the family was Jay's idea. Hence, his wife made it clear that it's his job to clean up after the dog. "I'm in charge," Jay said.

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Jay said that her daughter has become a lot more attached to the pooch. "She used to be really timid toward the dog," Jay says. "Now, she loves being involved."

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