Louisiana is the worst state for women according to new report


A report says that in America, Louisiana is the worst state for women to live and work in.

The Center for American Progress released the findings in a new interactive map, combining and comparing data on topics including the wage gap between men and women, poverty rates, paid family leave laws, the percentage of women without health insurance in each state and infant mortality rates.

Interestingly, the data also expanded to include factors outside of income and personal health, looking at how women fare in positions of power. For example, the study also compared the percentage of women in Congress in each state and the number of women elected to statewide executive office.

Overall, the study contained 36 separate factors, including looking at how several of the above-mentioned categories applied to minorities.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Maryland was voted as the best state for women to live and work in.

“More than 22 percent of women in Louisiana are in poverty, compared to 11 percent of women in Maryland,” reads the report’s summary. “Additionally, taking in all of the leadership factors considered, Maryland ranks first in the nation in terms of women reaching leadership positions in the public and private sector. Meanwhile, Louisiana receives a D- on overall leadership factors.”

Looking at some other states in the survey, Hawaii, Vermont, California and Delaware rounded out the top five states for women.

Meanwhile, Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi rounded out the bottom five.

West Virginia ended up right in the middle of the survey, ranking 25th overall.

The rankings show a diverse mix that may present some surprises for political and cultural analysts. For example, both the top and bottom tiers contain a mix of states both on the population and geographic scales. There’s also a fair amount of political diversity in the findings. For example, Alaska is considered one of the nation’s most conservative states but placed just outside the top 10 in the survey, at number 11.

Back in June, a similar study was released looking at the best and worst states for children. In that study, New Mexico was cited as the worst state for children’s issues while New Hampshire was named the best state to raise a child. In that study, Louisiana was rated the fourth worst state for children.

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