Machete-wielding man on bicycle crashes girl’s birthday party; steals beer

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Florida police are investigating a highly unusual stabbing that took place Tuesday evening. A man reportedly crashed a young girl's birthday party, wielding a machete and attempting to steal beer.

And before being chased off, the man allegedly swung the machete at the father of the birthday girl, clipping his right pinkie finger "until it dangled."

The Naples News reports that the 42-year-old father was hosting the party for his daughter when the man, described as an acquaintance, showed up and started loading beer into plastic bags and attempted to ride away on his bicycle. When the host tried to stop him, he pulled the machete from his waistband.

Doctors at Physicians Regional Hospital were able to reattach the man's pinkie finger with stiches, according to a report that noted the finger was cut at both the bone and the tendons.

As strange as the assault is, it's not the only birthday party machete attack in recent memory. In September, 26-year-old Javier Aragon was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police in Galveston, Texas, told the Houston Chronicle that the method of attack was rare in such cases. "A machete is an unusual choice of weapon, so it's rare that we see it used in an aggravated assault like this," Lt. Michael Gray said. "Thankfully no one was hurt."