Man accused of stealing $19,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

We know Girl Scout Cookies are a guilty pleasure, but are they worth committing a crime for?

Christopher Maurice Morton was charged with stealing $19,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies from a South Carolina warehouse, the Associated Press reports.

The cookies were first reported missing by the owner of Carey Moving and Storage – who reported that 450 cases of Thin Mints and Shortbread were missing after an inventory was conducted on February 26.

Morton, a driver for the business, has since been fired, according to Master Deputy Kevin Bobo, and charged with "breach of trust more than $10,000."

What was the plan? A cookie heist? A Thin Mints bender? Unclear, since Bobo notes that Greenville’s Deputy Sheriff recovered some 352 cases of cookies from behind an abandoned business.

The cookies seem to be too tempting for some: Thieves recently swiped cash boxes from two Girl Scout troops selling the sweet treats in Tucson.