Man in dog shirt poses with dog in man shirt

An open letter to whoever took this photograph:

Congratulations, you have won the Internet. Your photo, while blurry and not particularly well-framed, is without question one of the greatest single images in the history of history.

Of course you are aware of the photo's majesty, but please permit us to expound on its many virtues as we were rendered speechless after first seeing it and are just now beginning to make sense of all it does.

The shirts are amazing. Even more amazing, though, are the poses. The male subject sits slightly slouched staring downward, perhaps at a rebroadcast of "Puppy Bowl." He seems wholly uninterested in the fame that awaits him.

And the dog. A lot of pooches lose some dignity when they are forced to wear clothes. Not this one. This dog owns it.

Perhaps someday another image will come along that sends our hearts aflutter even more, but we doubt it. We seriously doubt it.

Is the photo new? Who knows, and who cares? Was it digitally altered? Possibly; it's still genius.

Special thanks to actress Rose McGowan for posting it to Instagram. Your odds of getting a lifetime achievement award just went up.

With deepest admiration,

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UPDATE: The man in the photo is Chris Bowser, a war veteran who was struck by a grenade while serving in Iraq in 2003. His nonprofit organization, Heroes Meeting Heroes, aims to give "other wounded soldiers the opportunity to get to meet some of their heroes."

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