Man released from prison wearing only underwear, shirt and socks

Telling someone you just got out of prison sounds like an already awkward conversation. But imagine being released from jail and trying to hail a cab while dressed in your underwear.

That's what happened to Sweden's "Percy" (full name withheld) who was released after serving a two-month prison sentence at the Brinkeberg prison. Percy tells local paper TTELA that he outgrew the pants he was wearing when he first went to prison.

"I wasn't able to send for extra clothes from home in time," he said. "Now I'm standing here and I don't know what I'm going to do next."

Percy had $118 to his name and the prison does sell clothes to outgoing inmates who have lost their original clothing items. However, Percy said the clothes are so expensive that they would have left him penniless, unable to even buy himself a meal.

So, Percy instead left the prison dressed only in a shirt, socks and his underwear. More from UPI:

Percy said he was unable to send for extra clothes in time for his release because he only learned a few days before he was to be released that his request for the prison to buy him clothes had been rejected.

Percy said he was able to find a cab ride back to Trollhattan. But the real kicker? When Percy went shopping for a set of clothes he says he purchased his new wardrobe for a more reasonable price than those offered at Brinkebger.

Prison official Peter Andersson told TTELA that at the very lease, Percy's situation was unique. "I don't think [it's ever happened before]," he told TTELA. "Not as far as I know."

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