Man takes breathtaking selfies from atop Dubai skyscrapers

We think it's safe to say that Alexander Remnev (in the white shirt) doesn't have a fear of heights.

The 19-year-old Russian student took a series of breathtaking, toe-tingling photographs from atop skyscrapers while on vacationing in Dubai.

Remnev told Yahoo News that he and his friend climbed 20 buildings in Dubai, including the Princess Tower, which at 101 stories is the tallest residential building in the world.

Remnev said he didn't get into trouble over the photos, telling Yahoo News that almost all of the rooftops were open.

What's it like to be more than a thousand feet in the air, armed with nothing but a camera and a perhaps ill-advised sense of invincibility? "It's beautiful," Remnev said. "A lot of adrenaline."

Maybe so, but we'll stick with the glass elevators at the mall. That's all the excitement we can handle.

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