Meowsachusetts: Where the cats play and dogs stay away

Mike Krumboltz
Cats lounging on a corner (Thinkstock)
Cats lounging on a corner (Thinkstock)

Are you a cat looking for a change? Are you eager to relocate to a feline-based community where you can lounge, rest, sleep and snooze, all with a minimum number of dogs sniffing about?

Allow us to humbly suggest the great state of Meowsachusetts.

Massachusetts is, according to a recent report from the Washington Post, the state with the highest ratio of cats to dogs. There are roughly 1.87 cats for every canine in the Bay State.

The data comes from Euromonitor, which found that when it comes to cat-friendly areas, the northeastern United States is the place to be. Other states cracking the feline top five: Maryland, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut.

Dogs, on the other paw, seem to be a lot more popular in places where there's room to roam. The state with the highest ratio of dogs to cats? Arkansas, followed by New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Does this mean that Massachusetts is the unofficial land of crazy cat ladies? The Boston Globe playfully speculates that that just might be the case.

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