Massive Christmas light display draws crowds, annoys neighbors

Clark W. Griswold had a theory: When it came to Christmas lights, more was definitely more. A woman in Orange County in California clearly agrees. She has decked her home with a staggering 65,000 holiday lights.

This isn't the first time Jan Stewart has gone all-out to light up her house. Last year, Stewart used about 54,000 lights.

In this year's display you can see the flashing face of her husband, Larry, who died last year, on the roof. She also added 10,000 more lights, a few lasers, 16 lighted arches and (of course) a fog machine. It took about a month to string everything up (with professional assistance), and it cost Stewart approximately $50,000. The lights are controlled through an iPad.

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Not surprisingly, some neighbors say the chaos that comes with it is just too much. KCAL 9 News interviewed several locals about the display. Joe Flannigan said, "It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not that we’re opposed to Christmas, it’s just too much." At times the small residential street has been bumper-to-bumper with gawkers. At least one person rented a party bus. Vegas, indeed.

So far, local police have issued one noise violation to Stewart, because in addition to the lights, the house plays Christmas carols (with "Gangnam Style" thrown in for good measure).