Minor-league ballpark offering bacon-shell taco

It’s bacon fever—catch it!

This is what happens when you put the choice of concessions into the hands of fans. The West Michigan Whitecaps, a minor-league baseball team that is an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, asked its supporters to vote for its top ballpark snack.

The highest vote-getter of its fourth annual food contest: the Baco, a taco with a shell made wholly from bacon.

The concept seems to one-up the popular Taco Bell hit, the Doritos Locos tacos, a meat-filled taco wrapped in a Doritos Nacho Cheese shell, which to date has been served 375 million times at its restaurants.

The bacon-shell idea was among 150 fan-submitted selections, according to the team’s website, which narrowed the options down to 10 and opened up the choices to a vote. While the Baco led with 30 percent, other contenders included the Rascal Chow (popcorn, bacon and candy), and Teeny Weenies (little hot dogs in small helmets). The Baco also beat out the Bad Joke, a corn dog covered in cheese with two strips of duck bacon on a bun.

Also offered this season to ballpark attendees: a frightening concoction called the Squeelin' Pig, which bills itself as the spiciest sandwich served at any ballpark. The scary-sounding sammy has pulled pork, a “punch of Giardiniera, a sprinkle of ghost pepper and flaming BBQ sauce.” This one's not for the faint-hearted—or the litigious: Those brave enough to eat it will have to sign a waiver first.

Look for the new menu items—and possibly a bout of indigestion—at the Fifth Third Ballpark at Comstock Park, Mich. Play ball!