School apologizes for inappropriate yearbook captions

School apologizes for inappropriate yearbook captions

A high school in Hoosic Valley, N.Y., is facing criticism after poor proofreading resulted in the printing of hundreds of yearbooks that label one student as "Creepy smile kid" and another as "Some tall guy," reports.

Acting Superintendent Amy Goodell called the mishap a "nonintentional, honest mistake," according to WNYT. "The yearbook editor and staff are devastated. Apologies are being made."

"As many books as possible have been held and are being amended," Goodell also wrote in an emailed statement to The Saratogian. "The Yearbook adviser, staff, administration and board of education are very sorry that this occurred. Parents that have a student who was not referenced to correctly have been contacted. The parents and students affected by the error have been understanding."

The school's track and field team was particularly hard hit. WNYT reports that one member of the team was labeled "Isolation kid." Other members of the team are referred to as "Someone." The bowling team caption reads, "Whole bottom row is a mystery."

So what happened? Apparently the members of the yearbook staff didn't get around to identifying everyone in the book, so they put in placeholder names (some of which were highly insensitive). Corrections were never made. The yearbook staff did have a faculty adviser, according to WNYT.

According to The Saratogian, while one student who was misidentified said he wasn't worried about the mistakes, others were outraged.

Parent Patty Hough told she was "appalled" this happened. "Those poor kids, you know, to open up a yearbook and to find how they were labeled," she said.

Karen Houston, the school board president, said school administrators are making efforts to remedy the mistakes.

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