Police not amused by motorcyclist’s freeway marriage proposal

Dylan Stableford
The Sideshow

Police in California say they're mulling over charges against a motorcyclist who orchestrated the shutdown of a freeway outside Los Angeles so he could propose to his girlfriend.

The stunt, captured in a video posted to YouTube, occurred Sunday on the 10 Freeway in West Covina, Calif., 20 miles east of L.A.

The video shows several hundred motorcyclists slow to a stop and then surround a biker who promptly released a plume of pink smoke, removed his helmet and dropped to one knee to propose to his girlfriend, who had been riding on the back of the bike. She appeared to be shocked by the proposal, but she accepted it.

Some bikers pumped their fists and others did wheelies as they rode away ahead of the husband-and-wife to-be, with most exiting the freeway at the next off-ramp. Traffic, which had been backed up in both directions, soon began flowing again.

"Hector 'Tank' Martinez proposed to Paige Hernandez in front of his family and friends," the description on the YouTube video reads. "Big ups to the 710 Bikerz and everyone else who took part in this event."

The California Highway Patrol said on Wednesday it is investigating the incident and that felony charges for impeding traffic could be filed.

"It's dangerous when you do something like that," CHP Sgt. Kurt Stormes told the San Bernardino Sun. "You've got free-flowing traffic. Suddenly traffic comes to a stop and people don't know what happened, and that's when accidents happen."