Mystery customer picks up tab for entire Denny’s restaurant


An anonymous customer at a Denny's restaurant decided to voluntarily pay for the meals of all her fellow diners.

"People thought we were joking. She didn't want anybody to know she paid and then she left," Carol Kronberger, a waitress at a Sacramento, Calif., location, told KCRA.

"It just put a smile on everyone's faces because we got to go to each individual table and tell them that some young lady just paid for all their meals."

Manager Tom Klepac says the total bill was about $200 and that the Denny's staff agreed to keep the customer's identity a secret, only noting that she was a young woman.

Klepac said the unexpected free meal was a deserved treat for his customers, most of whom are regulars. And he hopes they'll share some of that spontaneous goodwill.

"I'm hoping they'll all pass it on to people that need help too," Klepac said.