Mystery gnome homes appear along trail in Kansas

Overland Park, Kan., has some new, pint-size residents. Or at least, residences. Tiny “gnome homes” have sprung up at the base of knotty trees, two at last count, around the city’s Tomahawk Creek Trail.

"We don't know when they arrived or who's living in these little tree homes, but we welcome them to Overland Park," City spokesman Sean Reilly told local station KMBZ.

The city has rolled out the welcome mat for its gnome neighbors, providing the public with a map and an introduction on Facebook.

“It’s recently been discovered that a small gnome population has become the city’s newest residents” the Facebook post reads. “The gnomes are currently residing in trees along the Tomahawk Creek Trail. They just moved to the area and would love to meet any neighbors they may have. Here are the locations of their tiny houses, so feel free to stop by and say hello! They will even leave a note and tea if “Gnomebodies” home … how thoughtful!"

The mystery miniature homes have tiny painted doorways, mailboxes, even welcome mats. But no gnomes seem to be home. Perhaps they've headed to Home Depot for some home decorating touches?

These are not the first pint-size houses to magically appear in a city. Back in March a mystery elf door appeared in the bottom of a tree in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park causing a Web frenzy of theories along with plenty of pilgrimages to the site.