New Orleans nun's truck towed while she delivers food to homeless

New Orleans nun's truck towed while she delivers food to homeless

There should have been a sign reading, "Thou shalt not park here." Then a New Orleans nun — who was delivering food to the homeless — might not have gotten towed.

Sister Beth Mouch had just finished delivering food to the St. Jude Community Center in New Orleans, according to When she went back outside, she found that a tow truck was preparing to take her vehicle away.

With her vehicle not yet hitched to the tow truck, Mouch begged the driver to stop, she told WWLTV.

"Please, sir, stop. I'm a getting ready to move," Mouch recounted. The driver apparently offered little sympathy. Mouch noted that her truck wasn't ticketed before it was towed.

This isn't the first time volunteers at the community center have been ticketed or towed while delivering food or other items, Mouch told WWLTV, and to her, that's a problem.

Volunteers helping in the city, people trying to do acts of kindness, are not treated with the same respect, and that is a concern from me," Mouch said.

Mouch said she doesn't want the fine waived but that she would like tow truck drivers and parking enforcement officers to undergo sensitivity training.

A city spokesperson released a statement to WWLTV reading, "In this instance, the vehicle was blocking a public right-of-way, which is a violation of the city's parking rules. We will continue to work to both educate drivers on the city's parking regulations and to provide positive customer service experiences to the public."

Still. A nun? Delivering food to the homeless? Come on.

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