NYC tops list of cities with ‘most spoiled kids’

Eric Pfeiffer

New York City's borough of Manhattan tops a new list measuring which cities spend the most on their children. The data was compiled by Bundle, which compared spending habits on young children against the national average.

Another New York City borough is also home to the second "most spoiled" location on the list, Brooklyn. Miami came in at number three.

However, Bundle notes with "somewhat of a surprise" that the number four city on the list is Minneapolis. Interestingly, its twin city, Saint Paul, was near the bottom of the list, spending 50 percent less than the national average on children's items.

The information collected did not include items like food and health care. It focused on more dispensable items, such as toy store sales, clothing and "other services" for kids. The spending numbers for the past three years were included in the sample.

The most average city on the list is Nashville, whose spending matched the national average. Cincinnati, Chicago, Forth Worth, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego were also within five percent of the national average.

Joining Saint Paul as the least spending cities on the list are Columbus, Indianapolis, Madison and Milwaukee.