One man traveling cross-country using only bacon as barter

America's love affair with bacon is being put to the test, with one man traveling across the U.S. using only bacon as money in exchange for food, gas and lodging.

"I need your help. I'm driving from NY to LA with no cash and no cards — just a trailer full of Butcher Thick Cut Bacon to barter with you for food, lodging and everything else I need," actor Josh Sankey writes on his website. "It's all to find out if America loves this bacon as much as money!"

Still, there's one major caveat: actor Josh Sankey isn't just doing this on impulse. It's part of a coordinated effort by Oscar Mayer to promote their new line of bacon.

As part of the challenge, Sankey is required to travel across 12 U.S. cites, taking him from New York City to his final stop in Los Angeles on September 23.

And while the BBC reports on Wednesday that there could be something of a "bacon shortage" next year because of rising pork prices, Sankey will not experience such limitations. That's because he is traveling with no less than 3,000 pounds of bacon in his specially equipped Oscar Mayer truck.

Sankey is chronicling his voyage on his Twitter account and on the "Bacon Barter" site. On Wednesday, he arrived in Louisville, KY where he successfully bartered some bacon for a night in a man's basement. His host even got himself a bacon-themed tattoo to support the cause.