Oregon man survives being compacted in dumpster—twice

Justin Gilpatrick said he hadn't had a drink in years. But after a night out drinking with a friend in Portland. Ore., the 27-year-old decided he was too intoxicated to drive home. So, in a questionable move, Gilpatrick decided to sleep it off in a nearby dumpster.

Unfortunately for him, a night of getting trashed took a literal turn when the dumpster was picked up by a garbage truck, which promptly dumped Gilpatrick inside and twice attempted to compact the load of trash.

KGW reports that when the driver of the Waste Management truck parked at a nearby shopping mall, the driver heard Gilpatrick screaming from inside. He was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Portland Police Lt. Robert King says that amazingly Gilpatrick escaped without any major injuries, describing him merely as being "shaken up" by the incident.

In fact, Waste Management spokeswoman Jackie Lang said the driver had to convince Gilpatrick to not walk away from the scene and to stick around for the ambulance to arrive.

The Daily Mail reports that Gilpatrick took to his Facebook page on Friday after being released from the hospital and wrote, "I have not had a drink in years and the one time I do this I what happens. I will never drink again."

Also listed on Gilpatrick's Facbeook page under his "favorite quotes" section is a saying from the English poet Samuel Johnson, "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."

Say what you will about the wisdom of sleeping in a dumpster. But all in all, Gilpatrick came out looking less foolish than his drinking buddy who decided to drive home. Gilpatrick notes that his friend, while not sustaining any life-threatening injuries, was involved in a three-car accident.