Paralyzed snowmobile rider makes trip to South Pole

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A Nevada man who was paralyzed in a 2010 snowmobiling accident has successfully reached the South Pole on a modified "sit-ski." Grant Korgan, 33, traveled 75 miles through sub-zero temperatures to reach his destination, done in part to mark the 100th anniversary of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition.

"Although my body has been broken, my spirit never will be. I am unbreakable!" Korgan said in a statement posted on the crew's Web site.

Over the past year, Korgan trained with a team on practice missions in Alaska, Norway, Lake Tahoe and South American, according to the Associated Press. The South Pole trip was arranged to help raise money for the High Fives Foundation, which helps injured winter athletes reintegrate back into their chosen sport. The group is also supporting the Reeve Irvine Research Center, which studies repair, regeneration and recovery from spinal cord injuries.

Korgan made his journey with paralympian John Davis, two travel guides and a team of cinematographers who are shooting a documentary on the journey called "The Push: A South Pole Adventure," schedule to be released later this year.

"Grant just pulled off one of the most amazing athletic achievements in modern history and a first for adaptive athletes," said the documentary's director, Steven Siig. "This is a historic day in the name of recovery, technology, adventure and the human potential," he said.

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