Peeping Toms fall through ceiling of women’s bathroom

Two men fell through a woman’s restroom ceiling while attempting to spy on them, police said.

According to a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the incident occurred at an Atlanta-area movie complex, the Venture Value Cinema in Duluth, Ga.

The suspects, 26-year-old Eduard Petrovich Kovynev and 27-year-old Eduard Alexander Kovynev, who apparently were more interested in the bathroom than the big screen, allegedly crawled through the men’s room ceiling over to the women’s room “and then fell through, landing directly inside the stalls.”

According to the paper, an officer wrote in the arrest warrant that the suspects were "invading the privacy of various customers."

The two were charged with peeping Tom and criminal damage to property.

Most of the time, unwelcome ogling happens without the victims’ knowledge. But in a case in Los Angeles, a woman discovered a peeping Tom had been taking cellphone pictures up her skirt thanks to another shopper telling her what happened and pointing out the suspect.

The quick thinking 27-year-old victim took photos of the suspect’s license plate and called the police. The peeping Tom's actions were caught on tape, and the suspect was arrested. According to a Los Angeles Police Department press release, “In most cases, these crimes are never seen and rarely reported. Thankfully, another customer saw the man.”