Pilot showcases stunning photos taken from plane’s cockpit

Dubai-based pilot Karim Nafatni has posted several pictures that provide a stunning view from inside a commercial cockpit at 37,000 feet.

Nafatni told the website PetaPixel that he began bringing his Nikon D300s aboard flights when he worked as first officer to capture images from inside his own unique version of an “office.” Nafatni's website explains that when he began flying professionally in 2007, he became fascinated by the unique perspective of how the world looks from an aerial view and became inspired to capture the images with his photography.

Along with the images taken from within the cockpit, his website also showcases several breathtaking images taken from rooftops across Dubai.

To capture the images, he told PetaPixel that he shoots a number of bracketed exposures then combines the images into HDR views.

Most of the photos are taken aboard an Airbus A320 and capture stunning landscapes taken above Dubai and other regions. Nafatni was recently promoted to captain and now sits in what he terms the "hot seat," that is, the left chair.

You can view more of Nafatni's photography on his website, 500px.com