Police called after woman sees kittens having sex in her yard

Sure, cats aren’t for everyone. But we can’t remember the last time someone called the police to complain about a pair of kittens.

But that’s exactly what happened in Wisconsin on Thursday when a woman called police after she reportedly witnessed two kittens “having sex” in her front yard.

As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s not the only recent time someone has called 911 to report on a cat. Back in February, a Washington State man called 911 to report on a stray cat that had wandered into his back yard. But, at least in that case, the man was calling out of concern for the cat’s welfare (it was cold outside), rather than to complain about its mere presence.

The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department included the truly unusual call in their public list of request calls received. However, there’s still no word on how the department responded to the unnamed woman’s call.

And besides, at least one Wisconsin law officials have said citizens shouldn’t be too reliant on the service, saying waiting on 911 responders may not loner be their best option after budget cutbacks have delayed response times.

Either way, we doubt this incident will be making it into the next installment of the “Cat Crimes” book series.