Police catch alleged burglar hiding in clothes dryer

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Police catch alleged burglar hiding in clothes dryer

Police in New Rochelle, N.Y., caught a suspected burglar hiding in a clothes dryer, local ABC-affiliate WABC reports.

Police responded to a burglar alarm at the home of Aaron and Gwen Stone. When they arrived they saw a man inside the home, so they called for backup, according to the station.

The alleged burglar, 19-year-old Gabriel Perez-Majia, apparently saw that the home was surrounded. Lohud.com reports that he refused to surrender. Seeking a place to hide, he settled on the likely warm (if cramped) environs of the clothes dryer.

Unfortunately for Perez-Majia, he left a trail of blood from a cut he suffered while allegedly breaking in through a window. That trail made it easy for police and a police dog named Tank to find him. A stash of jewelry was found near the dryer, according to Lohud.

Aaron Stone spoke to WABC about the experience:

"It's just unreal that you leave in the morning with your family to do your life and you come back and you have half a police squad in your house trying to capture somebody who's doing something wrong and illegal."

Both the Stones expressed gratitude that nobody was home, including their two children, at the time of the attempted burglary.

The alleged thief was employed by the family's landscaper, according to WABC.