Presenting: The Homer

Die-hard fans of "The Simpsons" probably remember the Season 2 episode in which Homer finds his long-lost half-brother, Herb Powell (voiced by Danny DeVito), the big boss of an automobile company.

In a magnanimous (but ultimately unwise) act, Herb lets Homer design his own car in an effort to give his half-brother a boost of confidence.

The results are not good. The "Homer" is (to quote the bald genius behind its design) "powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball" and featured tail fins, a bubble dome, shag carpeting, a bowling trophy hood ornament and three horns that played "La Cucaracha."

Now, a group of automotive designers (and, we presume, fans of "The Simpsons") designed a real car based on Homer's epic failure. It looks remarkably like its animated inspiration. Bubble dome to keep noisy kids separated? Check. Puke-green paint job? Yep. Cup holders that can handle extra-large drinks? Oh, yeah!

Team captain and driver Scott Chamberlain will race it at the 24 Hours of LeMons on June 29 in Buttonwillow, Calif. That race features cars built for $500 or less and bills itself as a place "where Halloween meets gasoline."

As you can see in the above video, the car, based on the BMW E30 according to Jalopnik, can move a lot quicker than Homer's version (sticker price: $82,000).

This is the latest case of real life imitating "The Simpsons." Earlier this month, Universal Orlando revealed a new area based on Springfield, the Simpsons' hometown. Fans will be able to visit the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe's Tavern and even the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop to search for that one Carl Yastrzemski baseball card with the big sideburns.

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