Putin — don't mess with him — fights zombies in new video game

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Putin — don't mess with him — fights zombies in new video game

Vladimir Putin is a man's man. He hunts. He practices martial arts. He poses shirtless while riding a horse. He plays with leopards. He's a shining beacon of machismo in a world that's gotten far too in touch with its feelings.

And soon, he'll fight zombies (in a video game).

The game, to be released around Halloween, will feature the Russian leader doing battle with hordes of the undead, according to Variety. Whether or not Putin fights while riding a horse remains to be seen, but we do know that the zombies are led by the mystic Rasputin. 

Putin, with the help of an American sidekick, goes full Chuck Norris on the zombies. The game (aptly titled: "You Don’t Mess With Putin” and not to be confused with "Don't Mess with Putin") is being created by Michele Rocco Smeets, a game designer from Belgium. Smeets is also the man behind last year's mobile game "Run Snowden, Run."

Smeets told Russian newspaper RBK Daily that he came up with the idea after playing the video game “Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies.”

“I am a fan of Putin and I like his tough guy image, so he suits the role of a superhero,” Smeets was quoted as saying in the Hollywood Reporter.