Ready for a scoop of Turkey-flavored ice cream? (VIDEO)

The Sideshow

An ice cream store in Arizona is offering some offbeat new flavors for the holiday season, including a turkey-flavored ice cream.

Scooptacular owner Nindi Wadhwa tells a local CBS affiliate that his store will also be offering other Thanksgiving-themed flavors, including cranberry, pumpkin pie, sweet potato and sweet corn.

"Customers ask what is that? Is that some kind of chocolate? And we tell them, 'No, it's the real deal.'"

And Wadhwa means that literally. He and his employees handcraft their own ice cream flavors. And in the case of the Thanksgiving offerings, that means dropping portions of corn and turkey into the mixing batch.

"We just wanted to have some fun with it," Wadhwa told CBS. "If you don't want to cook on Thanksgiving Day, you can come here and get it all in ice cream."

So, what do the customers think?

"It's the only food-flavored ice cream I've ever had," customer Ashley Steele told CBS. "I love it, and my kids love it."