Reporter makes little kid cry on live TV

Reporter Dan Daru had an awkward moment on live television in the Denver area last week.

The KDVR Fox 31 field reporter was doing a live shot from the Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville, Colo., and went to point out a cute toddler in a stroller.

"Drew the Farm Kid" suddenly looks like he's seen a ghost as Daru and the camera swoop in on the little boy. The scared look is priceless, and Daru makes an Albert Einstein reference, apparently to the boy's hair and face.

Then in the middle of Daru's report the blond-haired Drew starts to cry. "This is terrible," Daru says to the camera. "I love that kid."

"Way to make a baby boy cry on live television. Way to go," Daru's co-anchor at the station retorts. Meanwhile Daru is heartily laughing while covering his face behind a stack of papers.

Daru then tries to sing and dance his way out of the predicament with a quick tune from "The Wizard of Oz." It seems to work; a calmer Drew stops crying.

"Let's just cut that while we are ahead,'' the anchor says, as producers quickly switch off Daru and return to the studio.

Daru told Yahoo News that the youngster was fine in interviews before the live shot.

When they went live, "He didn't like anything I had to say," Daru said. Drew started bawling. "I'd make a lousy politician," Daru said.

The video has been making its way through various television news blogs and social media. Daru said he's heard from old friends and colleagues. "Of all the things you do, this is the video everyone's talking about."

The station posted several other videos of Daru at the festival throughout the rest of the day, and on several occasions, Daru tries to make amends with Drew and to talk to the now happier and playful boy who keeps eluding the reporter.

Daru, seems to have a good sense of humor about himself. His whimsical bio on the television station's website says he was also a television news photographer, dabbled in talk radio and studied at The Groundlings, an improvisational theater and school in Hollywood.

I guess he can add making little kids cry to that.