Road rage incident caught on video goes viral

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
The Sideshow

Next time you sense a case of road rage coming on, remember this video: You do not want to end up like the driver of the black pickup.

The man's reckless driving on a Florida road was captured on video by a woman he tailgated and one-finger saluted before he spun out and crashed into a light pole.

The man was reportedly uninjured in the crash, but his ego may take a long time to recover. The footage was uploaded to the Web and has since gone viral.

Hold the phone a minute, here, though: Why does the woman he's raging against appear to speed up when he is trying to pass? Is she egging him on?

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke to WTSP to give her side of the story. She said she sped up to match the speed limit increase on that section of road. She was driving safely, she said, keeping an eye on her mirrors and the road.

The same can't be said for the pickup driver, who, as soon as he passes, promptly spins out and lands in the grassy median, inspiring the woman to laugh victoriously and say, "That's what you get! All on video, buddy."

The video has created an uproar on the Web. Some have praised the woman for capturing the driver's bad behavior on video. However, others contend she herself played a part in the incident. The uploader has disabled comments to the YouTube video, citing "rude, uncalled for, and just downright mean" responses.

The man drove away from the accident, but thanks to the woman's video, police say they were able to track him down. Jeffrey White was charged with leaving the scene, reckless driving and failure to wear a seat belt, according to WTSP.

Speaking to the station, the woman said she hoped some good would come of the incident and the man would take the opportunity to improve as a driver.  She also said that officials thanked her: Footage of the pickup's license plate led them right to White.

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