Rob Ford gets his reggae jam on at Toronto's City Hall

The Sideshow


Rob Ford remains the most newsworthy mayor on the planet, and Toronto seems a more fascinating place to live every day of the year.

Cameras caught Ford in an impromptu reggae/holiday dance party during a Tuesday city council session. Why? Who knows? Who cares?

It's been quite the last few weeks for Mr. Ford, and while this would be an appropriate way to close it out, we have to feel there's more still in the works. Let's consider:

• In November, Ford admitted to buying illegal drugs and smoking crack cocaine.

• He later attended the Falcons-Bills NFL game, and possibly bumped someone from his seat.

• He wore a Toronto Argonauts jersey while making some off-color comments; the Argonauts were the only ones not pleased.

• His bobbleheads became an instant collector's item, fetching up to $300 on ebay.

• He'll have trouble crossing the border to watch his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs play in the Winter Classic at the end of the month.

And now, this. This is politics at its finest, friends. Let's get together and feel all right, to coin a phrase. Once more, for the road:

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