Romney defeats Obama in roach race

This news might bug Democrats: In the 16th running of New Jersey's Cockroach Derby, Romney defeats Obama.

As reported by, two hissing Madagascar cockroaches, each two-and-a-half inches long, faced offwith the paper cutouts of the presumed Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, and the incumbent, Barack Obama, glued to their bodies. The competitors scuttled the length of the three-foot-long track.

The race was held by the New Jersey Pest Management Association, at Rutgers University Douglass Campus. Said Phillip Cooper, vice president of the association, "It was a close race. It was a clean race."

For predicting the outcome of the presidential election, the association claims an 84 percent success rate with 16 roach races.

After the race, the Obama roach climbed on top of the Romney roach and hissed.

Hissing cockroaches aren't the only creatures to make famousand famously accuratepredictions.

Paul the Octopus, who hailed from an aquarium in Germany, transfixed fans of soccer as it successfully predicted the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

It should make Romney happy that his roach counterpart squashed the competition.