‘Ruined Spanish Fresco Monkey Jesus’ costume makes rounds on Internet

In what could be called a Halloween costume work of art, "Ruined Spanish Fresco Monkey Jesus" is buzzing as one of this year's top getups.

Inspired by the gaffe of an elderly woman who failed to restore a 19th-century painting of the face of Jesus called "Ecce Homo," Reddit user Spinjump crafted his masterpiece, which he debuted at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

The creative mask captured perfectly the tilted and blurred face of the restored work, which some have renamed "Monkey Jesus." The costume's face even diminishes the nose and mouth of Christ, as in the botched restoration.

Images of the Halloween guise are making their way through the Internet today with the headline "2012 hot Halloween costume." On Twitter, some of the myriad of comments include:

  • "Put away your Avengers outfits and Honey Boo Boo costumes. Best Halloween fancy dress this year, hands down." — Ryan Nelson, @RyanJohnNelson

  • "Excellent Restored Jesus Fresco Costume Game over. Can't top this. I'm going as a ghost." — princess stomper, @princessstomper

  • "The Hottest Halloween Costume for this year is clearly 'Monkey Jesus'. Though Steve Job's Ghost is still in the top 10." — Ryan G. Poirier, @RGPphotog

The failed restoration has caused a spike in visits to the church. So much so that the artist who blurred the face of Christ wants royalties.

She may not get any money, but she might get some satisfaction from knowing her handiwork has inspired a top costume.